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What To Do Spiritual Warfare
Eating from the Tree of Life
Never forget....
Growing Roots
Dinner Invitation
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What To Do Spiritual Warfare

Many come to me presenting their situation; under demonic attack, oppression etc asking what am I to 'do' in my situation?

Folks, the reality of the attack or situation is God is Sovereign and is allowing the situation. He is desiring to create in you the image of Jesus Christ. The intent of the situation from the demonic perspective is to get you to a place of believing a lie and acting on it = delusional thinking.

You have a choice here. Most of us simply want the issue to go away. If you stay on this level with the situation, you may end up believing a lie.

Eating from the Tree of Life

Showing concern for those out there who practice 'exposing satans kingdom'. God is in total control. I see a lot of podcasts and ministries that are focusing in on identifying demonic portals, Illuminati and secret societies, chemtrails, alien abductions, ghosts, paranormal/supernatural, nephilim, luciferians secret plans etc. This can lead to demonic obsession and speculation on your part. As interesting as these topics seem and as convinced as you are that we need to know......I would challenge that what the body of Christ needs to know is the Word of God which proclaims absolute Truth and equips to stand in His faithfulness.

Never forget....

Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours. - Rich Mullins

Growing Roots

I remember vividely struggling to get a handle on the demonic activity when I came out of satanism in 1981. Yes, I had my encounter with Jesus Christ in my back yard and I even had a tremendous experience with the infilling of the Holy Spirit. But, the demons that had known me a a satanist came back and they meant business.
I was experiencing quite a bit of demonic activity in the form of literally 'feeling' their presence and being quite intimidated now that I was not on their 'side'.

Dinner Invitation

I was just thinking about my deliverance from the demons that were inside me when I came to Jesus Christ. I went over to Harry and Jo Richardson's home for dinner. I had not yet repented of my sin and submitted to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I had been visiting churches looking for the help that I knew I was in need of. The Richardsons asked me over and after some small talk I 'confessed' that I had been involved in satanism. Jo Richardson reached for my hand and pulled me toward her stating that I needed prayer. As she began to pray for me, the demons manifested by turning my head to look her squarely in the eyes in order to intimidate her. When the demons looked at her through me, Jo turned and looked at the demons squarely in their eyes. The demons were literally paralyzed with fear because they encountered a Christian who was full of the Holy Spirit! She told them to leave in Jesus' name and they left recognizing that they were encountering a real Christian who knew Jesus Christ. I immediately repented of my sin and bowed my heart and will to Him. I thank God for Harry and Jo and for my dinner invitation.

Christian Occult Practices

Thousands, and possible more, practice an occult version of Christianity when they believe and practice that our words carry supernatural power to release favor, ability, opportunity, confidence and God's goodness. Joel Osteen and Paula White are big supporters of this false doctrine.

Also, do not place yourself in a position of declaring and decreeing that the heavens open and God does what you declare and decree. You may find out that you are setting yourself up against Him.....

God's Judgement is Here

If I told you that Satan himself married someone I know in a Presbyterian church and both afterward flew in a jet to their honeymoon locale drinking champagne, would you buy it? Or, if I told you of individuals that I know that are werewolves; they actually have the ability to change back and forth from human to wolfman, would you believe me? These are a couple of examples of what Dr. Rebecca Brown sells you in her writings. And, she has sold 100's of 1000' of books. Really.

Sensational lies cloaked as truth so she can masquerade as a minister of the Gospel. Judgement of God is here folks and I don't believe it is here because of the sin of the sinners. I believe it is because we lack righteousness. We are biblically illiterate, experientially oriented and don't know the difference between the Holy Spirit and a demon....that's in reference to what I have been looking at and some are calling 'revival'. That isn't the Holy Spirit and it isn't revival. What we are experiencing is sensationalism and emotionalism void of biblical teaching and the great falling away...from God. False apostles and prophets have come in and we have embraced their deception as long as we 'feel' something while they get rich. In the meantime, children die daily due to a lack of water and medication....but, we want to place our seed in good soil, so we can reap....Indeed, we are reaping what we have sown.

Our Move to Florida

Well, we moved. Phew! That was a bigger adventure than I had anticipated...but, we are glad to be back home. Starting a church and still settling in. Church starts next, we aren't Seventh Day Adventists...just offering an alternative service.Will keep you up as 'things' develop

Why I Share My Testimony

When I became a Christian some 20+ years ago, I used to share my testimony rather freely. I met with some rather unusual responses as I was quite naive and rather zealous to win the world for Jesus Christ. I expected those who did not know Jesus to fall to their knees in repentance and the ones who knew Jesus to welcome me with open arms of love. I told you that I was naive.

What happened was man...y who did not know Jesus did not want to know me or hear about Him because they thought that I was a freak.

Telling Yourself the Truth

How is your thought life? Are you under the influence of the Holy Spirit when it comes to what is going on in your mind?

Folks, the way and what we think affectseverything; the way that we feel and our behavior/actions. Wrong thinking produces wrong emotions, wrong reactions and wrong behaviors - and unhappiness! So, when you learn to deal with your thoughts, you have taken your first step on the road to real contentment.

Jesus promises us in John 8:31-32 that if we remain or abide in His word, we will be His disciples.

Come Out Of Hiding

Wherever you are in your walk as a human being, God Himself would love to reveal Himself to you. You may be a Christian who is surrounded with the 'things' of God; church, bibles, Christian friends, Christian books and various paraphernalia but you really don't know Him. Or, you may be an occultist or pagan who is attempting to manipulate the spiritual realm for your own well being. You have your beliefs, practices and paraphernalia. You may be sincere in your attempt to pursue Truth.

In The Name Of Jesus

The contemparary church would do well to follow the example of the early church, not to ignore the demonic, but to focus attention on Jesus, who defeats the demonic. Undue concern and involvement with the demonic has often been seen as opening oneself up to its influence. The well-known passage of C.S. Lewis from his preface to The Screwtape Letters bears repeating here:
There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about the devils. One is disbelieve in their existence. The other is to believe, and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them.

Christian Post Article

Article in Christian Post on Dancing with the Devil

Selling One's Soul

Periodically I receive inquiries from individuals who believe they have 'sold their soul to the devil'. I would like to address that one is not able to sell the soul to any god, 'For every living soul belongs to Me' Ezekiel 18:4. Thus the soul is not to be 'sold' due to the ownwership of its Creator. No one supercedes God. We, as humans, do not own our own soul to begin with, thus we cannot 'sell' what is not ours. As well, the devil does not have the means to 'buy' a soul.

Spiritual Warfare

Many Christians today are losing the battle in spiritual warfare because they lack an adequate knowledge of God's Word. This ignorance has led some people into occult practices that are cleverly disguised as 'neutral' self help techniques. Others have one foot in the world and the other foot in the Bible; thus compromised, they cannot understand why biblical principles never seem to work for them. Defeat is commonplace because their lives are not established on truly biblical principles but rather on the shifting foundation of human experience.