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Why I Wrote Dancing with the Devil

Back in 2005, a few friends, who had been involved in the occult, and myself were talking about some of the 'misinformation' that the body of Christ had been sold. Most of had gone through the 'satanic panic' period and experienced the fallout. We had read, seen or been affected by books that depicted the occult as more than it is. We endured stories from a 'satanist' who was the High Priest of a large coven in California, a woman who was a breeder for satan giving birth to babies in hell, and a a 'witch' who told us incredible stories of werewolves and being the bride of satan. We thought it beneficial for the body of Christ to read a more balanced account of the occult.
So, we set out to write a book which would depict who the occultist is, what the occult is, how to reach the occultist for Christ, and how to minister to the occultist once they accept Christ. I gathered nine former occultists whom I know are solid christians, not self seeking in their effort, to author a chapter each. I also contacted the mother of a young man who himself had dabbled and was institutionalized as the result. Each person wrote about their particuliar practice as the occultist from a personalized perspective sharing how they became the occultist to how they were reached and ministered to by Christ. We believe we have written a balanced book on the occult, the effects of the occult and the incredible love and grace of Jesus Christ.
We seek in writing the book to give the body of Christ a birds eye view. This is the book to read for correct information and understanding. We added no sensationalism to the occult because there is nothing sensational about the occult.
We also set out to present a book so that if someone knows another who may be in the occult, has been in the occult or has an interest in the occult, this would be a solid resource. This book serves as a means of inspiring those who have come out of the occult. Coming out is no easy task, believe me! This book will give those readers nine accounts of individuals that were heavily entangled in the occult and how Jesus Christ saved and set them free! In this book, a mother shares how she dealt with a son who was so demonized that he was institutionaled as a result. She dealt with the situation as he is now set free.
It took seven years for the completion of this book. I believe it was time well spent......

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brent stovall on Sunday, December 09, 2012 10:59 PM
Hello, My name is Brent. I wrote under a pen name in Jeff's book Dancing with the Devil. I am seeing more and more the confusion in the church about all things spiritual, and the need to know the reality of Christ. The Body of Christ is divided into 1,000's of sects and denominations, with conflicitng doctrines and beliefs. And, thanks to mass confusion out there on the truth of the Bible and salvation, so many people are searching. It amazes me that all people (even the self assured, cool people) are looking for something to hold onto! I looked to peoples' approval, material things, education and many other avenues to fill that void inside, along with dabbling in the occult. What did I find? You can have some success, praise from people, good things and fun experiences, money, relationships, etc., and feel totally empty inside at the end of the day. Only God fills!!! How long did it take meto figure it out??? Forty years. But you know what? When it dawns on you this truth, you can never be the same. Seriously!!! People, take it from me, I have been a mess all my life. But, God is real ,awesome and good. He is more powerful than anything out there.He is everything. Brent
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