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Escaping the Vampire's Lair by Brian Reed

When Jeff Harshbarger first approached me about contributing to this book, I was reluctant to share what I've been through, given the stupidity of my choices. The consequences of my actions will follow me for the rest of my life. Anyone who finds out what I've been involved in either shuns me or lifts me onto some kind of pedestal as if I'm some kind ofexpert on all things occult. Both reactions are hard to grapple with. Nonetheless, believing I could be a vampire is the worst decision I have ever made, and I hope my story can help someone else.
Excerpt from Dancing with the Devil

14 Comments to Escaping the Vampire's Lair by Brian Reed:

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Rinaldo Bonovento on Thursday, August 25, 2016 12:19 PM
Jeff, I am reading your book, Dancing with the devil. I am on chapter 7, Brian Reed's chapter. I have a question, if I may ask. I am soon to be 65, this November. Met Jesus when I was 23. I was into sex drugs and rock. I did suffer from sleep paralysis from the age of 17 until 24, when I took authority over it in the Name of Jesus, and now stand in the victory of Jesus shed blood on the cross. I do a lot of testifying were ever I go, of Jesus. Now to get to the point. During the night I am awakened only to see shadow people in my bedroom, which I command them to be gone in the name of Jesus. I am aware that demons can appear, impersonating other people, and they have, like my wife, Mary while she is in the next room, working on her PC, and I am going to sleep. I know how to deal with this. So while reading Brian Reeds section, and his testimony about astral travel, my question is, if someone is astral travelling, could they be seen for who they are. The reason I ask this is because, one night I was awakened, only to see my 45 year old son, standing beside my bed, in his PJ's, and I tell you it was the smitten image, of course I yelled, be gone in the name of Jesus, and it vanished like a puff of smoke. My son is not saved, and has been into drugs and I have seen his fascination with crystals. We are not on good terms. When I questioned him, and told him about the situation, he said NO I am not into astral traveling. I know I am being targeted because of my stand in Christ. So just wandering if you have some insight on weather a person astral travelling can be seen as whom they really are. Thanks in advance, a brother Jesus. Rinaldo Bonovento
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