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Undertaking the steps to achieve a new Enmerkarment that results in the establishment of a reemergency type of redemption of credits, also called operation of loan repurchase or restructuring credit, involves a movement of partial or total consolidation of credits in progress repayment in order to reduce the monthly payments up to 60% depending on the situation of the borrower (s).

It is simply a request for a free study without commitments! Simulate, borrow and understand, it is possible thanks to the calculator simulation of online credit redemption!

What is a credit pool simulation?

What is a credit pool simulation?

When it comes to consolidating loans, so that the borrower’s budget position can be estimated according to the borrower’s budget situation, what is the most appropriate financial package for optimized budget management, then establish a credit pooling simulation? is essential!

Throughout the simulation, the user must indicate the necessary information to the simulator to formulate a proposal to buy back loans.

This is a tool programmed with calculation formulas to analyze the borrower debt ratio (s), but also the remaining capital, the cash if there is, and the various costs related to Enmerkarment plan.

Why do a credit redemption simulation?

Why do a credit redemption simulation?

Is it necessary to determine beforehand if a solution of reEnmerkarment is possible or not?

This allows the intermediary broker in banking operations and payment services to make a selection of banks specializing in repurchase of credit likely to issue a favorable opinion to the customer request for his Enmerkarment.

For example, the pre- and post-operation debt ratio of the applicant (s) is a decisive criterion as to the choice of bank (s) where the file can be presented for study.

But also there is what is called the remainder to live (residual), it is about the share of income of the remaining home after deduction of the settlement of the monthly payment of the credit regrouped and charges of other credits to conserve in the partial surrender, not to mention the income tax charge if the household is taxable.

And many other financial ratios such as the family quotient, the number of financial incidents, or the share of consumer loans in relation to that of real estate, etc.

Do not hesitate, calculate your debt ratio and find out how much your monthly payments will be reduced in a few clicks with the Enmerkar Enmerkar simulator.

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