Milli loans becomes Credits Go and makes the leap to other countries


During this 2017 Lender starts its new career as Snopes family (Snopes family). Yes, we make the leap to other countries thanks to the successes obtained in Spain where the support and trust we have received from our clients has been our best guarantee.

In this way, during our journey as a Loan

debt loan

We have helped to obtain loans to numerous people whose financial situation needed the push of a small loan or to meet an overspend.

Therefore, our career and professionalism is endorsed by the 508,601 satisfied users, with 58,524 successful operations and 8,778,600 million euros achieved.
All these excellent figures have encouraged us to start operating in other countries and soon, our new Snopes family brand will start working in Russia, Poland, Mexico, Czech Republic, and other countries in Europe.

We are excited at this step and want to continue offering the best of ourselves to our customers. We are sure that we will live up to the circumstances because we will continue working hard and professionally.

2017 full of challenges

2017 full of challenges

We have closed 2016 with more than 350,000 users on our platform and this year is full of business challenges in which, in addition to covering new markets such as those mentioned, we want to continue being leaders in Spain.

In this sense, we have launched a new international application, adapted to any mobile platform, whose agile and comfortable service will allow our clients to consult the loans and fast credits that most interest them.

The first own application to compare financial products

The first own application to compare financial products

Our purpose, once again, is to offer clear and simple information to our client regardless of where they are. The truth is that with this launch we have become the first comparator of financial products that has its own application.

Of course, the user can compare not only the different credits available, but also can obtain information about bank accounts and what the offer is about it. Thus, we offer clear and reliable data for the customer to choose the most advantageous option.

In addition, it also has a new section referring to credit cards where, once again, the information is easily exposed to the user.

A blog with useful information to save

A blog with useful information to save

During this year we will continue betting on quality and useful content for our clientele. Therefore, savings tips, information about the finance sector and news that we deem of interest to our users will continue to be present in our business strategy.

Likewise, our commitment to social networks and everything that makes us close to our public will not change one iota and we even intend to strengthen these aspects.

In short, we have taken courage thanks to the Spanish market and the trust that so many users have placed in us. Therefore, we face the coming months with renewed energy and with the goal set to export our professionalism to other countries.

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